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An executive bio is important for any executive who is looking to further their career, as it lets potential new employers and clients know where their strengths lie.

Any CEO who is at the top of their game will rely on a CEO biography to proudly showcase in words their achievements, their career highs, as well as their inspirations and motivations.

An executive biography should be a tidy and classy summation of everything the executive has accomplished so far, detailing their work background, as well as any major successes.

As an executive biography writer, I understand the importance of stressing the executive’s fundamental strengths. If you are an executive looking to further your career, a polished, professional CEO biography is a huge help.

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  • History of employment
  • Any key decisions made
  • Examples of innovations
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Our Executive Bio Service

Executives are responsible for overseeing entire organisations, and for this reason a CEO biography can often be jam-packed with information. Implementing some structure and knowing what to include and what to leave out, then, becomes difficult for anyone who is inexperienced with writing biographies. At biowritingservices.com, we are home to a team of expert writers who have built up years of experience writing professional, polished executive biography’s. Whether you need an executive bio written or even an executive assistant biography, our writers are flexible, dependable and always deliver on time. We pair you up with a talented writer, offer 24/7 support, and we also offer a 100% money back guarantee. So if you need your executive bio written today but don’t fancy doing it yourself, why not contact us to find out how we can help you?

I was really struggling to write me own executive bio before I found out about biowritingservices.com and I can honestly say they saved me a whole lot of hassle.

Jim Beech, CEO